I Ain’t Your Eye Candy, Mr. Non-profit Volunteer.

By Ashley Henyan Back in the summer of 2018, after spending two full days doing back to back media interviews as a spokesperson for my employer, I walked into the lobby of our office. I was new to this particular location and had only met the volunteer who manned the front desk on one orContinue reading “I Ain’t Your Eye Candy, Mr. Non-profit Volunteer.”

Racism is Real

In the weeks following George Floyd’s murder, social media was flooded with painful personal stories about navigating life amid a society fueled by racism. Every story I read was impactful in its own way. But on May 30, 2020, when I read my friend and Red Cross colleague Annette Rowland’s Facebook post, I wanted toContinue reading “Racism is Real”

Let’s face it: Football is more important than politics.

By Ashley Henyan I am not a football fan; but my older sister, Nickole is. Today, when I shared with her the news that Condoleezza Rice was announced as a serious contender for the Cleveland Browns Head Coach job, she replied, “I would love to be a GM.” “You would be great,” I told her. IContinue reading “Let’s face it: Football is more important than politics.”