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In late August of 2009, Ashley Henyan’s soon to be ex-boyfriend invited Classical Feng Shui consultant to the stars, Master Yau, to their Hollywood home, to perform the ancient ritual known as Tzi Wei Dou Shu – the science of reading one’s life – and give his psychic opinion on their fate as a couple. Of course, he told them their love would not last. But then, he added an extra comment specific to Ashley’s destiny, “You will write great things. Very important things. Things that will help many, many people.” At the time, Ashley was focused on patenting an alignment-conscious fitness device she had personally designed; and she thought Master Yau was as crazy as the man who had hired him to save their relationship. But a few years later, she sat down to write…

Ashley holds a B.A. in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, an M.A. in English and Creative Writing with a concentration in Screenwriting from Southern New Hampshire University and incorporates nearly 10 years of entertainment industry experience (both in front of and behind the camera) into her creative works.  In 2018, she finished her first feature-length film titled, Connected. Her fiction can be read in The Tower Journal, and her non-fiction in the Penmen Review, Borgen Magazine and RedCrossChat.org.

Ashley resides in Charleston, SC, where she works as an Executive Director for the American Red Cross and is putting the finishing touches on her first work of Contemporary Southern Fiction (while earning an MFA from Southern New Hampshire University). With the help and support of the writing community, her family and friends, she aspires to write from the heart to incite laughter and contemplation—while offering a fresh perspective that challenges her readers’ existing views on society and culture.

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